PPG World Services

The Pet Professional Guild World Services

PPG World Services

PPG World Services is the official international e-Radio web-casting arm of The Pet Professional Guild. The Pet Professional Guild, the Association for Force-Free Pet Professionals (The PPG or The Guild), is a nonprofit member organization headquartered in Bonifay FL, USA. The PPG represents over 1600 members around the world

The mission of PPG World Services is “Global News & Views on Force-Free Pet Care” and will serve as an advocacy forum for force-free dog training and pet care issues.  The key advocacy goal of the PPG is to facilitate an ongoing conversation with pet owners, pet care professionals and industry stakeholders aimed at moving the pet industry forward toward better informed practices, training methods, equipment use and pet care philosophies.  The Guild’s message will strive to build wide-spread collaboration and acceptance of force-free methods and philosophies consistent with its guiding principles.

Inaugural Show

The inaugural webcast for PPG World Services was officially aired in June 2013 and featured dog behavior expert and PPG special advisory council member, Jean Donaldson. Jean is an award-winning author of The Culture Clash, Mine! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs, Fight! A Guide to Dog-Dog Aggression, Dogs Are From Neptune, and Oh Behave! Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker.   Chad Montire, the Director of A Meditation on Dominance and Dogs also joined the show along with Niki Tudge, the Founder and President of The Pet Professional Guild.

The PPG World Services broadcast will initially be aired once per month with the goal of increasing this frequency as the audience builds.

PPG World Service Program Hosts

PPG’s e-Radio web-casting is  hosted by Nando Brown and Donna Saunders and the shows technical producer is Rick Ingram

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