The International Day of Celebration for Force Free Training and Pet Care

Join us for PPG’s ICFF Day. A great celebration of Force Free Training and Pet Care programs. Great prizes to win while you have fun with your pets

To err is human, to forgive, canine

(ICFF) International Celebration for Force Free 

Sponsored by The Pet Professional Guild.


As some of you may have read in my previous blogs, I am passionate about dogs. If you have a browse of my other posts you will quickly learn why. I have quite afew reasons. Over my dog owning and grooming career I have been on a personal journey aswell. I learnt to read body language and with that came the skills to see when a dog is shutdown due to fear. The general dog owning population are unaware of physical and emotional damage that some techniques and types equipment inflict on dogs. This is not the fault of anyone, it is simply due to misinformation, myths, absence of science and other trainers whom either don’t see it for what it is or believe it is necessary.

There is some good news though! There are ways to train…

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About BFTG

The Pet Professional Guild is a membership business league for individuals and professional pet industry businesses having the common business interest and goal of furthering the public’s education and awareness of force-free dog training and pet care methods, techniques and state of research in dog training and pet care and to promote the common interest of spreading ‘force-free’ dog training and pet care methods to the pet industry. The PPG provides professional registry, representation and education to ‘force-free’ pet care providers and the public with an emphasis on building collaboration among ‘force-free’ pet trainers and professional pet care providers to improve the business conditions and promote the common interests of force-free.
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